Lena Fransioli

Early childhood had two parts, animals, and art. The former accumulated at home with my kind hearted Mother, the latter was fueled by Sunday mornings at the Fine Arts Museum with my Father, which taught me to see. That all came to a rather abrupt end when I was eleven and sent off to boarding school in England – not at all fun, but hugely influential.

I love exploring, and along my way I was lucky enough to meet my greatest friend and future business partner Brooke, in New York, and then my husband Doug, in Los Angeles. With our variety of strengths in art, we established Zoë Design, and have continued the adventure for thirty years. What we do never stops evolving as we continue to learn.

Our visual world is so totally reliant on how one thing relates to another, and that is what we delight in working with. It is fascinating to shift the pieces, color, composition, medium, etc., to create a successful balance. And the most important thing in the project is our client the source of everything we do.

I never cease to wonder at the things I get to see every day, and my idea of playing hooky is to go on a field trip for a visual refuel. Living abroad, and traveling, has been invaluable, and still is a constant source of inspiration.
~ Lena Fransioli


Lena Fransioli