Hanging Instructions

Inspect wall covering for defects before hanging. No returns will be honored after they have been cut or pasted. Zoë Design giclée wallpapers are worthy of care and attention by an experienced paperhanger.

All walls must be at a “Level 5 finish”, clean, dry, and free of dust, oil or contaminants of any kind that will affect adhesion. New plaster walls should be completely dry. The moisture content should be below 10%, with an ideal Ph lever or less than 10. Surface temperatures should be between 60-80º for three days prior and three days after installation. Full plaster requires a minimum of 30 days, skim coat plaster a minimum of 10 days to cure. Throughly prime with a Primer/Sealer such as Zinsser Gardz (clear) or Zinsser Shieldz (pigmented).

Surfaces previously painted with gloss or eggshell paint should be washed with Dirtex, rinsed, dried and sanded, to create a tooth, prior to priming.

Walls should be lined with a quality lining paper, using clear paste and allowed to fully dry prior to hanging. Please see Bill Archibalds “Why Lining Paper”.

For our Mural Pro substrate, use a clear strippable adhesive such as Roman 838 or 977. Ensure that it is spread generously and evenly over the wall and into the edges. When it is dry, pre-trim and paste your panels, booking them for 3-5 minutes, taking care not to get paste on the front and not to crease the paper. Hang the paper with a high quality smoothing brush then a soft smoothing blade. Double cut the paper with a backing strip in place. Always avoid getting adhesive on to the face or the paper. If it gets on the surface, immediately remove with a clean damp cloth.

For wallpapers with dark colors we recommend using a colored pencil or crayon on the edge and seam to avoid white edges showing.