Chicago - Installation Lena Fransioli
Chicago – Installation : Hand painted by Lena Fransioli & based on a panel removed from the Chicago Stock Exchange (Circa 1893). The original valued by Christie's at $18,000. Repeat 18"x34".
Hand Painted Ceiling Lena Fransioli & Doug Garrabrants
Hand Painted Ceiling : Hand Painted Dining Room Ceiling, printed on Digital Wallpaper with Archival inks. Installed in La Quinta, CA at Traditions Golf Community. Based on wood inlay ceiling in the "Renaissance Room" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Crete DE2779
Crete DE2779 - Crete wallpaper, with it’s Mediterranean colors and distressed look, will work on a wall or ceiling, even a lacunaria ceiling. We can size the panels to fit your coffers. We like 18 inch panels best. © 2000 Doug Garrabrants
Eggshell Crackle (DE1983) Lena Fransioli Mural
Passion_FlowerDE2811B@65% Doug Garrabrants
Passion Flower Doug Garrabrants
Moroccan Lena Fransioli