I have had the opportunity to work on many residential and commercial projects with Lena Fransioli, of Zoe Design, for more than 10 years now. The exquisite quality of her work speaks for itself. She has full mastery over a wide variety of styles and techniques. She also combines a delightful balance of strong artistic vision and professionalism with a finely honed ability to listen carefully to the unique needs and goals of her customers. This ability to collaborate effectively with others allows her work to consistently exceed everyone’s expectations. Lena’s contagious, creative enthusiasm and pursuit of excellence make every job with her a joy.

Jonathan Poore
Poore & Company

Cebula Design has worked with the team at Zoe Design for about fifteen years, on a variety of projects. Their knowledge of design, history, color, and paint produce amazing results. They are willing to go anywhere for a project, and we’ve collaborated on interior murals, decorative ceilings, textured finishes, silver leafing, and furniture embellishment. Zoe Design brings so much to the table; their custom work has really elevated many of our projects, adding animation and personality to interior design.

Michael Cebula
Cebula Design

I have had the pleasure of working with Lena and Doug from Zoe Design multiple times over the past few years, and have been excited, each time, for the opportunity to work with them.  From an interior designer’s perspective, it’s always a great opportunity when I can brain storm, team up, incorporate ideas, and work with other like minded professionals that know their stuff, and deliver at peak performance each time.  Doug and Lena have always met my expectations with the highest of results.  They are clear and informative with their explanations to the process, which always yield amazing, beautiful results. I look forward to working with them again on my next project.

Amanda Greaves
Amanda Greaves and Company

As a designer, I have had the good fortune to work with Zoë Design  over a period of 25 years. Apart from Lena’s obvious talents as an artist, her work is informed by an education with a thorough grounding in the history of art, and some very sophisticated techniques, honed over the years, that set her apart from others working in her field. It is no small thing that all my clients have loved working with her team, and watching the process of having a dream realized. When your client can hand the artist a picture of a Tiepolo or a Pompeii villa mural, and have confidence in the outcome, it is a rare thing.

Julie Alvarez de Toledo
Interior Designer

My husband and I started working with Lena and Brooke 19 years ago in our home on the North Shore of Boston. From the first day we recognized their ability to listen to what we said we liked in terms of color and style and their skill to be able to translate it onto paper. They made suggestions without bringing artistic egos to the table and created beautiful murals and designs that transformed each room they worked in. Their humility and talent distinguishes them in their field.

When we moved to Vermont we invited them up to see if they could add some color to our predominantly white-walled home. Lena’s husband Doug had been working with them and the three of them were simply amazing. Marmorino plaster with a gold coat skimmed over the top graces the foyer. Creamy butterscotch faux linen walls luxuriate in the bedroom. Birds and marigold blossoms dance around the top of the kitchen walls. Most impressive is a coffered ceiling in the library that they covered in wallpaper canvas that they designed, digitally perfected and installed.

Quite simply, they are magnificent.

Susan and Bill Copeland
Home Owners

We have had the pleasure of working with Zoe Design on two different house projects, both very different in style. Lena, Doug and Brooke are wonderfully creative with knowledge and experience of the art and architecture of many cultures bringing authenticity to the project.

Their murals are reminiscent of artworks hanging on the walls of a centuries old villa. Throughout both houses are a wide variety of media and technique, including intricate scrollwork in a groin vaulted ceiling, hand-painted and digitally printed wallpaper, glazing, Marmorino, Venetian plaster, faux bois, faux grass cloth and stenciling. And Lena made all the switch, plug and light covers disappear into the stone, wood or brick, all that in addition to the sky ceilings, trompé l’oeil golf theme mural, chinoiserie and Tuscan vineyard mural.

I cannot say enough good things about Zoe Design’s beautiful work. It has been a pleasure to work with them and an even greater pleasure to enjoy their creativity in our daily living spaces.

Karen Della Penta
Home Owner