How to order your wallpaper

Once you have chosen a wallpaper design you will need to decide on the repeat size, for a pattern, or the design height, for a mural. If you want custom sizing or moving elements with in the mural, we will need to know. We strongly advise that you order a sample prior to ordering your wallpaper. The cost of the first sample will come off the final order total.

Choose a substrate. We offer our murals and patterns on Mural Pro Wallpaper, Non-woven Fabric, Canvas, Metallic Canvas and Etching Paper. Different substrates are appropriate for different images and suitable for different applications. Call us if you want advice on your choice and new substrates are becoming available all the time, like aluminum, glass, wood and self adhesive. Call if you would like pricing on these specialty substrates..

Next you will want pricing. In order to determine the amount of wallpaper and provide pricing for your project, we will need measurements of your room. You may contact us by phone, email or snail mail with your inquiry. Registration on the contact page is required prior to pricing.