A Little History

The $26 billion global wall coverings market has been resuscitated by technologies like digital printing. Large scale narrative images are trending in the wallpaper market because designers can add details, move them around and scale the work and colors to fit the room and decor with a quick turnaround. Giclée printing offers archival, high resolution imagery with a depth of visual color and detail previously only available in glaze, hand painted canvas or watercolor. There are only so many colors you can get into a screen printed wallpaper and digital printing offers millions. All Zoë wallpapers can be printed in grayscale, reversed, rotated, inverted and made the exact dimension specified. These mural wallpapers transport the viewer and because each one is made to order you may be the only person who will have it. We offer designers the opportunity to create something original for their clients, be it a hand painted chinoiserie or a pattern created from feathers, antique botanicals or the artwork of their children. We love the challenge of custom work.

Zoë Design has been creating hand painted murals and interpreting our clients needs since 1984. Our team’s education and training places us in the vanguard of the custom digital wallpaper market. The new possibilities of digitally printed murals has revitalized and changed the industry. Many wallpaper manufacturers offer several color ways. Our designs are available in custom color ways. Just send us your color swatch, PMS color or paint color and we will match or compliment it. Any pattern in our collections can be made into any tile design. If you wonder, “can this be done in another way?” The answer is yes. WE MAKE YOUR IDEAS HAPPEN!