We have created many new gicleé wallpapers that I would like to share with you. And remember, most of our murals are available as wallpaper for substantially less than creating an original mural from scratch.

From the Peabody Essex Museum collection:

Dragons-4338PEM (Circa. 1730) 12″ Repeat

  Liturgical Robe-4355PEM

  Silver-6179PEM (Circa. 1840)

I was asked by a New York design firm to come up with a Peacock tail feather wallpaper. They had found a paper with real Peacock feathers which sold for $4000 per panel. Here is what I came up with:

While I was at it, I did some experimenting with Guinea Hen feathers.

   Or one can make a pattern from the feathers.

Then I started experimenting with stone.
Transenna-3716 (Circa. 800-850) Repeat 40″x24″
Stone Barn in Connecticut 127″ Repeat 108″ High. 
    I can put a scene in the windows or remove them completely.
And then, a few more things we’ve been working on…
Thanks for tuning in, send me suggestions, if you have any, please!