New Ideas For Your Home

New Ideas For Your Home
Making changes…as we spend more time at home
Introducing vintage maps & nautical charts & reproductions!
We have over 30 antique maps and charts from the Library of Congress, which are in the public domain. If you follow us on Facebook and Instagram, you can see updates of  installations, starting with a Manchester-by-the-Sea Chart from the home owners private collection. At the suggestion of designer Emily Sumner I reproduced this 1822 chart at about 500% of its original size and colorized the land. This was applied to the ceiling in the “Map Room”.

There is beauty in using charts on the “fifth wall”, ceilings are a forgotten place to decorate.

Sidenote: We found the molding surrounding the mural was not square, Greg Kahler “PHD – Paper Hanging and Design” had the brilliant suggestion of an appliqé of the border which follows the shape of the “box”. 
photo: Greg Kahler of Paper Hanging & Design

Charts and maps are not only representational of a place but also have a tracery of line, if you love old maps, this is for you!

 To order vintage map and nautical chart wall coverings from Zoe Design, contact us!

 Also, it doesn’t have to be all about maps!

Choose from vintage books, illustrations, and other patterns, contact us for other design ideas for your home & business!


Etchings from the 1700’s