Happy New Year all, it has come in with gusto.

It all started with a small flood in our library and in the process of assessing the damage we found some very old books that we did not even know we had (the fun part of inheritance). Doug has spent the Christmas holidays making patterns from some of these treasures.

Our first find, and the source of this new pattern is a 10 volume set of books published in 1776, but the story goes back another 200 years to the time of Shakespeare’s London in the early 1600’s. There are 52 plays, at least one of which, “Two Noble Kinsmen,” was cowritten by William Shakespeare and John Fletcher. John Fletcher followed him as house playwright for the King’s Men, the acting company which Shakespeare belonged to for most of his career.

Each of these plays is preceded by an etching. Our newest wallpaper pattern is called “Tragedy and Comedy”. It has a repeat of 133.9” (11 feet) wide at 9 feet high. You can explore it in high resolution on the web at http://www.gigapan.com/gigapans/219230.